10 Tips to Pack More Personality into Your Content

The best way to engage audiences to read your articles till the last line is by writing it like a conversation. A general and too professional article is boring to read and at some point, the audience will get disconnected from the article and leave your site. On the other hand, an article that seems to be a conversation between the writer and the reader is the most natural thing to read. Here are the top ten tips to pack more personality into your content.


  1. Share a story – You should always share a story from your personal life wherever relevant and whenever there is a scope for it. Everyone loves to read a story aboutsomeone’s personal life. It must be interesting and should give a relevant message.
  2. Ask questions – When you ask a question, it makes your article more interesting to read because your article is likely to answer it. Ask relevant questions and sometimes rhetorical ones. A question also breaks the monotony of simple sentences.
  3. Evoke emotion – Your article should evoke enough emotion in your audiences so that they remember it for a long time and become a fan of yours. You should understand your targeted audiences well to do so effortlessly.
  4. Variety in vocabulary – Using similar words repeatedly shows a lack of confidence and weak personality of the writer. Therefore, use simple but different words as often as you can. Human mind always likes something new about the old.
  5. Formatting – Formatting shows a lot about your personality. You should use bold and italics as well as underline in your article. It is time consuming but it makes your article more engaging. You should use different colors for headings.
  6. Sentence Structures – How one frameshis sentences is another aspect that gets overlooked. Yes, you should make simple sentences with active voice but sometimes, you have to add variety with question tags, exclamatory sentences, interjections and likewise.
  7. Headings – The headings of your article must be equally catchy as the title of your post. This is exactly what will distinguish you from others. Use some sense of humor, drop something totally unexpected, write a million dollar question as heading and use similar tricks. Write experienced writers from Contentmart who are well versed with such writing style.
  8. Writing Style – You should write your article as if you are just having an informal conversation with your reader. Think as if you are making a video and kind of writing a transcript. Be user-friendly and do not be too professional which could create a gap.
  9. Facts – Include facts and figures and examples. This would show that you have done your homework and invested a lot of time behind the topic on which you are writing. It will automatically increase your credibility.
  10. Topic – Finally, you should write interesting topics only. Do not force yourself to write a topic which you know you would not love to read about.

Follow these tips and get more responses from your audiences. If you are unable to follow all these, you can hire verified content writers from Contentmart to get the job done perfectly.