7 Must-Have Website Builder Features for Small Business

DIY website builder offers non-techie individuals an opportunity to develop and publish their own website even without learning complicated technical terms or writing codes. In the past few years, creating a website for a business requires all sorts of the technical mumbo-jumbo, which majority of individuals either are not interested or do not have enough time to learn. During those years, when you want to develop a website, you need to pay thousands of money to hire a developer or programmer who will build the website for you. For a small business, this sounds extremely costly.website builder

Now, things have gone a long way. The website is nearly a requirement for a business to succeed or simply become competitive. Building one also became seamless and easier. No technicalities or coding required. You just need to pick the right builder with the right feature. However, even if you do develop a site if it lacks the essential features, your effort will still come to nothing.

To help your business website stand out, here are the seven features it should never miss.

Your own brand

Can you perhaps describe what your online store sells and does in just ten seconds? Will your customers and employees be able to say a similar thing? If they cannot, you have to uncover or perhaps determine what is and how your brand fits into the market/industry. Learning what your own brand is important not only because it helps in developing a website properly but also in securing your business.

SEO and web standards

When your website SEO optimized, chances are you will be going to the top of search results. SEO aims to help engines quickly figure out how useful the website page is for the users or what it is all about in the first place. The better the SEO or, the more compliant you are with web standards, the higher your ranking would be.

In turn, clients can easily find your site. The visitors likely trust websites on the top of Google ranking. Meaning to say, you will be able to earn their trust immediately. One way to boost SEO is to hire an International SEO agency, which will help you reach a broader range of audience.website builder

Stunning design

As much as people loathe acknowledging it, let us face the fact that appearance is always everything. Images transcend words and language and allow for better understanding of a topic being discussed. Since the first impression is typically formed just within seconds, website design should be as eye-catching as possible, something that can make the brand and the site itself stick in the mind of the viewers.

Unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting pertains to web hosting services offering unlimited data transfer, disk storage, and capacity for add-on domain name. Choose DIY web builders that offer this hosting.


Scalability is undoubtedly significant in building a website, and DIY website builder gives DIY developers the opportunity to ensure website’s scalability even if they do not have sufficient technical knowledge or skill regarding this matter.

Socially connected

Today, the world is already connected 24/7. Apparently, the digital generation reaped the benefits of having abundant powerful and affordable marketing tools. From YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, to Google+, LinkedIn, social media is apparently transforming the way businesses advertise and market their services and products.

Fully responsive

Having a website is an advantage, but having it unresponsive makes it useless. A website should be responsive due to varying reasons. Primarily, it can adapt to screen of all sizes, regardless of the device that the site is being displayed. As per Result Driven SEO, responsive sites are good for SEO as Google finds it easier to crawl into the site with only one URL.

Conquer the online world and let your business shine with an excellent and remarkable website! Do not forget those mentioned features, okay?