Best Apps to Sync Mac with Android in 2017

It is very hard to find the perfect way to sync a Mac device with an Android mainly because the two have been developed in a way that neither is directly compatible with each other, because of which third party apps must be used to help in smooth syncing. A few of the top apps to sync Mac with Android are-


This app is all about stability and gives the smoothest syncing experience. SyncMate, top app to sync Mac with Android has the most user friendly interface. While it provides the major features of syncing media files and calendars and contacts, it also provides the non-sync option of managing your SMS and call history from your Mac.


While this app functions well when it comes to syncing and organising of media files, it does not sync personal data nor does it have any interesting non-sync features. The app does the basic job, however, if a user is looking for more features then they should consider the aforementioned apps.

Android File Transfer

Google itself developed this app, however in comparison to other available apps this app disappoints. While it is a free app, it does not allow multiple file transfers in one go and neither does it sync personal data. The app navigation is slightly complicated for someone who is not tech savvy.

Dukto R6

It is an app known best for its simplicity and it supports transfer on Windows, Mac and Symbian over LAN. But this is the only feature worth mentioning since it mainly acts as a file transfer app and not a device-syncing app.

Droid NAS

This is another file transfer app, rather than a syncing app. However, it does allow mounting the Android device of the mac to access music, downloads and photos.

Cloud Service

While the aforementioned are apps that ensure direct syncing of data. Cloud services act as an intermediary between the Android device and Mac. The top three are –


To access uploaded files, the user must make an account. However, the users they transfer files to need not have a Dropbox account, making this very convenient for all. A downside of this service is that it acts more as a backup storage rather than a syncing app.


It allows storage of files as well as file transfer, however, just like Dropbox, it does not allow file syncing.

Google Drive

This Google-developed storage service works well with contacts and calendars as well as transfer of files.