The How to Build a WordPress Website Guide for Newbies

 WordPress is the number one choice when it comes to Content Management System, with about 75 million websites powered by it as of this moment. There are numerous benefits of choosing WordPress over other website builders and even over professional developers. For one, it is free. Second, there are numerous plugins and extensions to choose from. Third, and definitely not the last nor the least, it is easy and simple to use.

But let’s get into the more important matter, especially if you need a low-cost but fully functional website ASAP: when do you get to learn how to build a WordPress website?

And the answer to that question is: RIGHT NOW.

Install a WordPress Theme

The first step, in truth, is to buy yourself a domain name and sign up for a web hosting service (so let’s assume you’ve got those covered). Go to the control panel of your hosting account and click on the WordPress icon. Next, click on ‘Install Now’ and you can get started!

Choose a Template for Your Site

There are thousands of themes you can choose from, a lot of which are free. Mind you, these don’t just give you the basic look and feel of your website. Some are pre-equipped with plug-ins and extensions already. So aside from the design, it’s best that you go for the template which can really feature your business.

Here’s a great tip: Don’t rush this part of the process. You’ll find that the time you spent will all be worth it after finding ‘the one’. After choosing the template you like, install that.

Customize as You See Fit

Do you need more pages for the site? Do you want a bigger heading? Do you want to move the navigation bar from point A to point B? All you need to do is click on the ‘Appearance’ option on the dashboard and then ‘Menus’. Changing the structure and other settings can be done from there.

Start Posting Content

Content refers to articles, imagery, sound clips, and videos, just to name a few. This is possibly the most enjoyable part of the process, especially if you know what to put on your website.

Edit, Tweak, Add…

Websites are a work in progress. You might feel satisfied with the overall look and feel of your WordPress website but, if you want for this to work for your business, you will definitely have to continue adding content to it.

If you need a full tutorial on how to build a WordPress website, the best reference for this would be on WordPress’ official website. They have posted an easy to understand and simple to follow tutorial video. But just based on the instructions above, all you really need to do is choose a theme which suits you, ready all the content you want to be put in, and start experimenting.