Categories of office chairs

Many people are unaware of the fact that an office chair plays a vital role. Every chair has their own specification, and we need to choose them according to our body and lifestyle. Not every chair will provide you with the best comfort so as you’re going to spend most of your office hours by sitting on these chairs, so it is really vital to know about these things. As you are going to sit for 8 to 10 hours so choosing the wrong chair may lead you to poor circulation of blood and bad posture. So some common office chairs are:

Types of office chairs

  • Task chair: Every office around the globe has this chair in it. This is the most standard choice if you are going to work on computers. You can easily adjust it so that will help to fit your body size and they are also available at a low cost. It can easily be adjusted to go down or up with the help of lever present under the seat so adjusting it to your height won’t be an issue here. You can easily move from one place to the other by using the four casters which are present on the chair’s bottom. So you can easily perform multitasking. Due to the casters, the chairs also make a very low noise, unlike a regular chair.
  • Executive chair: These chairs have a swivel; it rolls using wheels or casters and is tilt. They are made of leather and are plushy upholstered. They are generally used in the CEO’s office or for the executive. They have a high headrest and backrest. You can also adjust these chairs in different heights. If you want to have short naps, then you can easily adjust it to reclining position.  
  • Ergonomic chair: Before buying a chair you need to be sure whether it is correct ergonomically. They are designed for the better sitting experience. They are very much comfortable and will also help you to maintain a good posture. They will also reduce any kind of strains in the muscles or the nerves or joints. They will also help you to relax your body, and it has many armrests and back rests and headrests.

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