Expert Tips to Improve Facebook Ads to Get Better Results

Facebook ads have the potential to turn around the fortunes of any business in Singapore as long as they reach the right audience and generate the desired effects. Yet many businesses consider Facebook advertising in Singapore unworthy of the money and effort placed on it because of the consistently poor results and the little progress they have achieved after many months (or even years) of trial and error. If you are one of those people who are frustrated by Facebook ads or just a person looking for better returns on your investment, then here are expert tips to help you get better results.

  1. Facebook Ads Audience Testing

Facebook advertising in Singapore requires a lot of persistence, patience and testing. The problem with many businesses is that they do not bother with extensive audience testing. While testing often appears like a daunting venture for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and even big enterprises, it really does not have to be that complicated. Facebook offers a lot of free tools that can help any business to find the perfect audience without strain.

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To perform audience testing, businesses need to start by using Graph Search (the search bar on Facebook) and Audience Insights (located in Ads Manager) to find the interests and pages in their niches. These are potential audiences. It is these potential targets that should be tested one by one with each interest in their own ad set (instead of targeting multiple interests all at once). The tests should be centered on ad set performances and tailored for analysis of ad sets that are performing well and those that need improvement. During analysis, advanced ad reports such as demographics, placements and countries giving the best conversions must be identified while important metrics such as link clicks and conversion rates must be given special attention.

  1. Split Testing to Identify What Works Best

Many businesses in Singapore usually just run one or two ads on Facebook, fail to get results and assume that Facebook advertising does not work. The truth, however, is that it often takes the testing of several different images and audiences to identify what works best. In fact, even different types of ads can produce different results. Therefore, it is important for businesses to change things up severally to see what works and what does not. For instance, different images should be tested to identify the ones with the most click-through rates and conversions. Once the best images have been identified, tests should be conducted further on image styles and positions (vertical or horizontal). Similarly, different Facebook call to actions must be tested for click-through and conversions before settling on the one to be placed on the ads.

  1. Designing Better Audiences

For success in Facebook advertising in Singapore, businesses must invest enough time working on their audiences and targeting audiences by behaviors, income and profitable age groups and gender, making sure to take advantage of these audience features to appropriately target them with ads. Singapore businesses should examine the steps in their sales funnel and look at different possibilities for designing smarter and better audiences. For instance, some Facebook ads can be targeted at people who visited the product page and left without any action, other ads can be targeted at people who started but did not complete transactions, and still other ads can be targeted at those who completed transactions. These audiences can be designed outside of Facebook and then imported periodically. Another way of designing better audiences is using the email service provider segmentation. For example, businesses with segments of people who have shown different interests on products or who have purchased specific products can combine email and Facebook into a very powerful tool.

  1. Running Cross-Channel Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook

According to Facebook statistics, 72{8d7d10d184dc3ac566294957103017522e839db3b56a88d3a557be9f825ba9f5} of adults who go online at least once a month also visit Facebook at least once a month. If these visitors are not converted during the first encounter with a company’s ads, remarketing can be conducted to target these visitors with the same platform but through the help of another channel. Cross-channel remarketing is the idea of driving traffic to Facebook by using another platform, such as Google AdWords, and setting up a marketing campaign targeted at the same users in a different environment and different way. Setting up Facebook remarketing campaigns integrated with Google AdWords enables businesses to drive keyword-based traffic with Google and then to target the same visitors on Facebook with ads and information that is relevant to them. For instance, when remarketing to visitors (who did not convert the first time), they are usually shown content associated with pages they visited previously and content related to their friends, family and other positive things.

  1. Using Videos and Sharable Content

Many studies indicate that videos outperform other forms of content in engaging customers. Yet, many Singapore businesses fail to use videos in Facebook advertising because they consider video production costly and too complex. Today, however, this excuse is unfounded. There are a variety of video production solutions that fit almost every budget. In fact, for small or medium sized businesses, just creating basic 30-second company profile videos can amazingly increase Facebook ad click-through and conversion rates. Therefore, instead of sharing static texts and images on Facebook, Singapore businesses should consider using native video posts. Besides, they should consider using sharable content to improve the performance of their Facebook ads.

  1. Have Other People Speak for Them

Top Facebook marketers have realized that products and services sell best when marketers do not appear to be selling outright. In fact, great conversions occur when other people speak about a business instead of the business marketing itself. This is what sponsored stories used to do. Today, businesses can exploit alternatives to sponsored stories to improve results from their Facebook advertising campaigns. For instance, Singapore businesses can promote posts that others have created about them, use GSP (Gmail sponsored placements) to magnify their Facebook retargeting campaigns, and find partners who can collaborate and cross promote with them.

  1. Outsourcing Ads Management

For Singapore businesses that are inexperienced in Facebook advertising or those that do not have the time or interest to invest in training in order to boost Facebook ads results, it is advisable to consider outsourcing ads management to experienced professionals. Professional Facebook ads management is quite effective and a really worthwhile investment for businesses looking for proven cost-effective results.