Maintenance and video conferencing systems

[Video conferencing] With the popularity of high-definition video conferencing system applications, more and more enterprises to buy good video conferencing. Video conferencing equipment is more expensive office equipment, so maintenance is very necessary work.

1, the first is the safety of equipment

Video conferencing equipment is often placed in the conference room, some conference room usage is not high, often the conference room was empty; so, so expensive equipment must be designated custodian, the custodian must be a daily device; to ensure that equipment and equipment Integrity, the best conference room in the security monitoring.

2, video conference daily use precautions

Before the start of the meeting, you should adjust the position of the lens placed, set the lens preset position, the lens should not be placed in the backlight position.

[Video conferencing software] during the meeting, try not to move back and forth in front of the camera, do not often shake the lens rotation. During the meeting, if there is no such as the situation, do not immediately call the remote control other venue, should immediately call the main venue of the operator contact, waiting for the operation of the main venue. Do not need to send a dual stream of the venue Do not connect the PC to the device.

After each use, shut down after the timely power supply, if not power, the device is powered on.

3, video conference routine maintenance precautions

Equipment should be placed in a fixed position, try to avoid moving and plug wiring. The system settings for the device are tuned and do not change at will. You should try to avoid using remote camera control during meetings.

It is strictly forbidden to plug any cable. Do not charge live cleaning and maintenance equipment. Do not turn the lens by hand. Do not shock and squeeze equipment, especially the lens. Do not disassemble the equipment at will. No fireworks, exposure. Use the camera to cover the camera lens. 【Video Conference Terminal】

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