Marketing strategies to improve your medical device sales

Marketing is a very tough topic for a common man to understand, seems easy right? But it isn’t, ask the marketing teams and business analysts of big companies and they will tell you a whole lot about it. What a common man gets is that, you should have to run some newspaper and television ads and wola!! You derive sales, but for us it’s far more fetched than that. The newspaper and television ads are just to put a name in everyone’s head, the actual strategy lays behind on how to make sales, on how to lure those people and convince them to buy our product.

Sure there are many fields for business, but this- the medical field is one of the toughest to advertise in (not for pharmaceuticals though), but yes, for the people who manufacture or sell medical devices know the real struggle of marketing. Clinching on to whatever number of customers they get, making frequent calls to potential customers and much more.


Standing strong in the market

If you manufacture something you have to make sure you sell it, yes there might be ups and downs, the sales might go up in some days and down in others, but the moon doesn’t come up full everyday does it? You have to believe in yourself, stand strong against the competitors, for that’s the first rule of marketing “never give up”. The second thing, even if you are low on sales don’t show that to the world, people don’t need to know that you aren’t making any sales, that will bring in too much negative advertising.

What simple strategies to put up;

Just the usual, send in free products to door to door marketing and advertise here and there about your device, in medical device marketing you don’t get that many marketing options, so you have to work with the ones that have been running since the past decade. Something new that’s come up is social media advertising, but that’s not made for all products, you can advertise for blood sugar level checkers, or BP checkers but you can’t advertise for a stethoscope. So stick to these; send your marketing boys to clinics to convince doctors for trying your products, set up your products in free check-up camps and if possible put them up for online sale, you never know what might turn towards your way.