Pajama Fun Facts

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Most of the people prefer wearing loose clothes like pajamas to sleep comfortably. But did you know that even the pajamas you sleep in could have an intriguing history to it? Trust me; the history of pajamas can be more interesting than you could have even given a though about. Let’s have a look through the mind-boggling facts about pajamas.

Facts about Pajamas

It is obvious that most people are not aware of these facts about pajamas. Therefore, I decided to share these fun facts about pajamas with you guys.

  • The Origin of the Word ‘Pajama’: The origin of the word ‘pajama’ has been derived from the Indian word ‘peijamah’ which means loose pants that can be tied at the waist. The British colonials were impressed by these comfortable trousers for the fact that they were extremely comfortable while sleeping. When the British Colonials returned to Britain, they carried on with the trend.

  • Pajamas Aren’t Just For Sleeping: Did you know that back in the 1900s, Paul Poiret a famous fashion designer designed silk pajamas that could be worn out in public. Even today, in many Asian countries people like to wear pajamas out in public. Japan took it a step further and created pajamas called Kigurumi, which looked like giant stuffed animals.

  • Footed Pajamas Aren’t Always For Kids: They were actually designed for adults. They started making footed pajamas when people used to sew socks to the bottom of their pajamas. It not only kept them warm but also saved them from bugs and insects.

Isn’t these facts are news to you? Like I never thought, that such a simple thing could have so much history to it. Nowadays, pajamas have become an international sleep-wear. You can not only buy pajamas from the stores, but you can also buy pajamas online. There are plenty of online sites providing different styles of pajamas for both genders.