Playing and Practicing Table Tennis No More Requires an Opponent

If you are a table tennis addict, it is likely that every time you get some free time in between your work or study, your mind will force you to try your hands at table tennis. But just like any other sport, you will always need a partner to play table tennis with. If you are aspiring to be a table tennis player, you have to practice it all the time to perfect every shot. But practically speaking this is impossible because, in this world, no one will have the time to play table tennis with you whenever you have time. Table tennis robots are designed to solve your problem. A table tennis robot does not look like a traditional robot in case you are wondering. It is just a machine that fires table tennis balls at different points on the table with varying speed and spins.

Why Do You Need A Table Tennis Robot?

No Opponent Required – You will no more require a partner to play and practice table tennis at any time of the day. Table tennis robots have become a substitute for a real opponent. There are some people who think that table tennis robots cannot replace them because they lack the human touch. But there is no truth in it as they fire balls with speed and spin just like a real opponent.Image result for table tennis robot

No Fixed Timing – Generally, a table tennis player goes for training and clubs to play table tennis in fixed hours like in the morning or evening. You cannot play whenever you want and certainly not at home. This is where these robots come into play, and you can play with them all day long.

Perfection – These robots have controls which will let you adjust speed and ball firing pattern. If you want to practice one shot, again and again, to perfect and master it, you can set it to fire ball it a certain angle and speed. You can also set its angle and spin to random to be better at playing unexpected balls. You can improve your footwork and weak strokes remarkably. It is only with practice that you can become perfect at your shots.

Coaching – Table tennis coaches need them desperately because they have to coach so many students who have specific shortcomings. He can set the controls of the robots accordingly to improve the weak strokes.

Fitness – If you are looking for indoor fun activities which will help to increase your fitness level, nothing can get better than it.

How To Operate Them?

It is very easy to operate table tennis robots. You will have a remote controller to vary the speed, spin, and placement of the ball. It comes with nets to catch the balls easily so that you do not miss a human touch. There is a place in the robot where you can strike the incoming ball to go into for re-firing so that you do not run out of balls in short time. You can change the angle of the robot to get more or less bounce as per your requirement.

If you are a table tennis addict, you need to buy them as soon as you can.