What is Snapshot scheduling with ec2

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The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web-based service that makes cloud computing easier for developers.  The EC2 lessens the time needed to obtain and boot new server snapshots (instances).  This allows developers to increase or decrease scale according to the computing needs change.  Amazon EC2 allows developers to build applications that are resilient to common failures.

Amazon EC2 Spot

EC2 Spot instances are spare capacity in the AWS system that developers can use and is available at amazing discounts.  This technology allows optimization of your costs on the AWS cloud and for developers to scale up to 10x while remaining within budget.  Choosing EC2 Spot when launching EC2 instances can save developers up to 90% on Spot pricing.

EC2 Spot can be used for numerous faults and flexible applications, like test and development, stateless web servers, video transcoding, image rendering, and analytics, as well as high-performance computing and machine learning.  EC2 Spot is integrated with EMR, Auto Scaling, ECS, Cloud Formation, and Data Pipeline.  This allows developers a flexible choice on the quantity to maintain and launch applications running on Spot Instances.

AWS also allows the automated management of Spot Instances.  All developers need to do is tell Spot Fleet the capacity needed and Fleet will take care of the rest.

The advantage offered by Amazon EC2 Spot is the control you have over your instances.  It includes the ability to interact and root access as you would on any machine.   Any Instance can be stopped allowing you to hold the data on the boot partition.  Also, you can resume the same Instance using web service APIs.

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing

Spot Instance prices are set by Amazon EC2 and you only pay the Spot pricing is for the time period your instances are running. EC2 spot pricing is based on long-term trends in supply and demand with regards to Spot Instance capacity.

Developers may find discounts on Spot instances of up to 90%.  To compare with the On-Demand pricing, the current Spot prices offer huge discounts.

Also, compared to On-Demand pricing, Spot instances are available for a predefined duration that could result in discounts of up to 30 to 50%.

Spot instances are suggested for:

  • Application that has flexible start and end times
  • Applications that are feasible only at very low computer prices
  • Urgent computing needs for large additional capacity.

Using the Amazon EC2 Spot instance provides the following advantages:

  • It is a flexible cloud hosting services: You get to choose from multiple operating systems, software packages, and instance types.
  • Fully integrated: it is integrated with AWS services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Reliable: replacement instances can be swiftly and predictably custom-built.
  • Secure: receive a direct benefit from a data center and network system built to adhere to the most security-conscious organizations
  • Inexpensive: pay a very low rate for the capacity you actually use.
  • Easy to start: can use the AWS Command Line Tools (CLI), AWS SDKs and AWS Management Console to get started.